Geofencing – What is it?

Geo Fencing is a feature that allows you to set a geographical boundary or virtual barrier using GPS. Once you set a barrier of your choosing you can then create a Push notification that will get delivered to a customer’s phone instantly when they enter that barrier.

How can I use it?

You can set Multiple Geo Fencing Zones and create many different types of messages. One of the best examples is to set your dealership location as a zone and create a message that welcomes anyone that comes to visit your dealership.

Take another step further and create a smaller zone around your service department and welcome your service customers.

Competitive Advantage

Want to  get some of your business back from the Quick oil change shop down the street.  Setup a Geo Fence around the shop and create a notification telling your customers that try to go there why it’s important to service their car with you instead. Maybe even offer them a coupon or special.

Coupons / Specials

Coupons and specials can be used in many different scenarios like your customers who may want to shop a competitor or different brand. You can even setup a deal with local businesses and offer your customers discounts/specials at those locations when they visit them. “Free Appetizer courtesy of ABC Dealer”, How about a Free Car Wash.

Additional Features

The Possibilities are endless with the types of messages and campaigns you can create. You can also keep the messages fresh by changing them periodically. Include rich videos, images, and actionable buttons like: “Schedule a Service Appointment” or “View Specific Inventory.” Combine this with our other Customer Targeting feature and deliver not just location based content, but customer targeted content for a truly relevant message that will be accepted by more of your customers.


Customer driving to quicky oil change shop, or any competitor


Set geographical boundaries using GPS


Once a hotspot has been set, create a Push Notification that will get delivered to a customer’s phone the instant they enter that hotspot