DealerApp Vantage was founded in early 2010 at a time when Mobile Apps where flourishing in the marketplace. Apple had 170,000 Apps available with 5 billon downloads. Android was a newcomer to the app marketplace and had 30,000 Apps available with 1 billion downloads. Very few auto dealers had or where thinking of Apps at the time and the few Apps that were available were basic and limited in functionality.

The founders of DealerApp Vantage recognized early on the power and popularity of Smartphones and Mobile Apps.  They realized that consumers not only loved using Apps but they provide functionality and convenience.  Other industries were already using Apps to market to their prospects, increase customer satisfaction and retain more customers.

It would only be a matter of time before the Auto industry would realize the same thing and want to incorporate Apps into their Business, creating a Marketing and Customer Retention strategy.  We developed our first App for a local Toyota store, submitted it to Apple for approval and once it was released the results where clear, this was big and the next evolutionary step since the invention of “the website”. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, we became the first company dedicated to providing reliable and easy to use native Mobile Apps to the auto industry.  Today we have developed Apps for several hundred dealers around the nation, including some of the #1 dealers such as JM Lexus, Paragon Honda/Acura, Longo Lexus and Toyota, Rick Case Honda, and many others.

DealerApp Vantage helps dealers attract and retain more customers using advanced Mobile Marketing strategies. We use the latest Mobile technology to design true native Apps that provide a unique and practical shopping experience for customers. These Apps can be customized per dealer so that each dealer stands apart from the others. Part of our Mobile Marketing Solution includes training dealers on how to market the App to existing customers and prospects, ‘best practices’ on sending out Push Notifications, and overall Mobile awareness.

Customers can download the dealership’s App for free the on their smartphone (for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and soon Windows Mobile). This allows for enhanced ownership experience, improved communication, convenience services and up to date information. Dealers from around the nation report true benefits such as better visibility, increased customer satisfaction, improved customer retention which all impacts the bottom line.