Which Push Notifications Get The Most Views?

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Sending out regular push notifications through your app is the best way to engage your users, but what types of messages get the most attention?  That’s what we wanted to know and we’re sharing the success of those messages with you in order to help you create better and more engaging messages.

Here Are The Top 3 Recent Push Messages

– Last 3 Months –

Mopar Parts Depot
Announcement of their Mopar Parts Depot

Response – 1,833 message opens


Does something sound off with your car?
Message included a complimentary diagnostics coupon

Response – 8,686 message opens


Service Coupons Now Available. Tap Here
Message Included link to page with service coupons

Response – 8,892 message opens

No image for this message, just text and still the highest amount of opens.

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These are only a few of the messages created by our clients and are some of top performing messages in past 3 months.